Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

A glimpse into the world of competitive rock crawling with the TG Rocks competition!

Competitive Rock Crawling – it might mean nothing to some people, but to others it’s their whole world!

Competitive Rock Crawling is something that most people don’t often get the chance to see. It’s often held in remote properties that can offer the right conditions – rugged isolation and rocky outcrops – basically all kinds of exciting and dangerous obstacles. So because of this, it’s not generally seen by everyday spectators.

Which is why the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show is so excited to be able to host the Final Round of the TG Rocks competition series presented by Trail Gear and Racetech Steel, held by Ultimate Rock Sports. And even better, it will be held on the new and improved Tough Dog Mountain at the Show!

Tough Dog Mountain has grown since last year, with an added 10metres of area – meaning that’s 10 extra metres of obstacles for the rock crawlers to tackle.

And tackle them they will! In what is a show like you’ve never seen before, these beasts – and their drivers – will climb the mountain, take on whatever gets in their way, and hopefully make it to the top in one piece.

Sounds exciting? You bet!

The TG Rocks Finals Series will be held all weekend at the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show, 13th to 15th October at Western Sydney International Dragway, Eastern Creek.

Tough Dog Mountain has perfectly nice grandstand seating, and standing room for viewing, so you’re sure to see it all. Don’t miss out!

For more information, visit http://www.ultimaterocksports.com.au/tg-rocks

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