Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

ARB Recovery Demos

If you’re a 4WDriver, you’ll know that sometimes, things can go wrong!

Vehicle recovery can be a high risk activity; and unfortunately each year Aussies are injured and even killed through improper use of equipment during their 4wd recovery.

The 4WD and Adventure Show is pleased to partner with ARB to present a series of Recovery Demos at the Show.

Recovery demos are held three times a day at the Show, and aim to give visitors some extra knowledge about the different techniques and recovery gear that they can use own their own adventures.

The focus of the Recovery Demos at the 4WD and Adventure Show this year will be on 4WD safety. Vehicle recovery risks can be reduced with some prior training, planning and preparation, and a disciplined approach to the recovery task. It’s important to have a sound knowledge of how your 4WD works, as well as techniques and “dos and don’ts” when it comes to safety.

And of course we’ll show you some of the best gear to take when you go out 4WDriving, to make sure you can easily and safely get your vehicle out of a sticky situation. Some of the topics you can catch are:

  • Using a snatch strap effectively
  • Safe techniques for using an electric winch
  • Using a high-lift jack with your 4WD
  • Using sand and mud tracks.
  • Recovery Gear – Get some tips on what to take to make sure you’re covered.

ARB are proud to sponsor the Recovery Demos, to make sure all 4WDrivers are kept safe out on the tracks. And of course whatever your need, ARB have the right product to suit!

Make sure you head to outdoors to the Demo Track each day to watch the 4WD Recovery Demos at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.