Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

Catch up with Graham Cahill!

Look who’s coming to town!!

Graham Cahill has the best life – travelling the country with 4WD Action, taking amazing photos, and basically just living the dream! And this year, Graham’s travels will bring him to the Sydney and Perth 4WD and Adventure Shows!

Graham will be having a chat on the Engel Bush Camp Stage; and we know he’ll have a few good stories to share! Everyone wants to know what Graham has been up to this year; and where he’s off to next.  But one of the big things Graham is always asked is this: What vehicle does Graham Cahill drive?

Well there’s three actually!

Graham has his old 2006 GU Patrol that he’s been knocking around in for a few years and which he has decked out to suit his travels.

But then there’s probably the most famous of all – SHORTY! This SWB GQ Patrol has taken him across the country and back in all the “style” and “Comfort” he needs!

And just over a year ago, Graham got himself a new ride! A 2017 Isuzu D-Max that he uses on film shoots. Now that’s luxury! Check it out on the link below.


But which is his favourite? Well that’s something you’ll have to ask him! Catch Graham Cahill at the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show this year!

For more Show info and tickets, visit www.4wdshow.com.au