Australian 4WD and Adventure Show


The  Adelaide 4WD and Adventure Show will take a walk through history this year as we look at what were some of the big Game Changers in the industry over the past few decades.

The 4WD and Adventure Shows have been held across Australia for a milestone 25 years, and in celebrating the anniversary, the Game Changers theme will be presented in the Adelaide, Sydney and Perth 4WD and Adventure Shows.

Show Director Peter Woods said while camping, caravanning, and 4wdriving were extremely popular pastimes for Australians today, this wasn’t always the case; and there were some significant turning points in history that encouraged more people to get out and explore their country.

These turning points, these “Game Changers” will be the focus of the 2017 4WD and Adventure Shows.

“What we are looking at is not just the products on the market today and where we go and what we do today; but really the evolution of the 4WD and Camping industry,” Peter said.

“The Shows will focus on products, vehicles and people that have changed the way Australians travel and enjoy their country.”

Peter said he has been speaking to many of the big name companies in 4WDriving and camping to discover their own game changing stories. He said the history behind some of these companies was so interesting; and that often these major companies were built from one person’s need to solve a problem.

“It’s amazing to find out these stories. Some of the biggest companies in Australia were built because one person needed to fix something on their vehicle and designed a rough product to do the job. Other people saw it and thought it was a good idea; and decades on they are now the biggest selling brands in Australia.”

“There are dozens of stories. From initial discovery of 4wdriving tracks, to products that we all now use, to people who got out there and did it, and inspired others to do the same. We can’t wait to share all these stories at the Show!” Peter said.

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