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Families well looked after with upgrades to PMX camper trailers!

PMX Campers know what families need when it comes to camping, and have proven this with two newly upgraded camper vans that are perfect for families.

The K-Series Stirling LX Mk2, the most versatile forward folding family trailer within our camper trailer range, has had a facelift this year to make it even more attractive.

The upgrade begins with the inclusion of a fully automated electric roof system, meaning opening the camper has never been so quick and easy.

There’s extra storage boxes for poles and fishing gear at the back of the rear slider.

The power/water control panel has been re-located to near the kitchen, meaning you can access it without having to go outdoors. The kitchen itself is new and improved – for starters it’s been reversed and now features easy access to an extra pantry box. Cook on your gas-plumbed 4 stove burner and watch the kids playing while cooking, as there’s more space all round in this new design.

The leatherette button-free cushions might be seen as luxury, but when your little ones spill their yummy hot chocolate, you will appreciate our design team also had those camping experiences in mind! The bamboo floor keeps the Stirling LX Mk2 easy to clean while giving the interior a high quality finish.

The K-Series Lincoln LX Mk2 has also been upgraded to offer more comfort for the whole family.

This dual fold camper trailer caters for larger families with a diversity of needs and camping conditions; and while it hasn’t had too many changes, there’s just enough to notice the difference.

The kitchen received an upgrade, and now comes standard with dry-rack, splash guard, cutlery draw and 4-stove burners. The front toolbox received a make-over and now gives plenty of space for fridges up to 510mm in height. The area on the driver’s side is turned into one-merged storage box where even solar panels, table and chairs fit easily.

Re-designing the control panel and re-positioning next to the upgraded stainless kitchen make for ease and comfort.

And speaking of ease and comfort, windows can be closed conveniently from the inside.

From dual battery system, a 210L capacity dual water tanks, family sized ensuite to a 13 sqm annexe, the Lincoln LX Mk2 has ‘large’ written all over.

With 2 spare tires, anybody accustomed to off road conditions will understand that blowing one tire doesn’t affect your travel. And with a ball-weight of only 140kg, this large trailer becomes a breeze to tow, anywhere and in any weather conditions.

The Lincoln LX Mk2 comes standard with our tried and tested inde­pendent suspension system, floor, tropical roof, skirt, a portable toilet, ensuite room, entertainment system with LCD screen, DVD/CD/USB player and boat/luggage rack.

To view these campers, and heaps more, visit PMX Campers at the 4WD and Adventure Show this year; or check out their website www.pmxcampers.com.au