Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

Introducing – the SUPERAM from Patriot Campers!

The team at Patriot Campers have built a SUPERAM, the first of its kind, and they think that this Supertourer will be the next big thing in Australian 4WD touring.

With 7 tonnes of towing capacity straight out of the box, the SUPERAM is a new breed of Supertourer. Created in only a few weeks by the dedicated team
at Patriot Campers, the SUPERAM is massive in size, looks and power.

To build the Supertourer based on the 2500 Ram Truck, Patriot Campers teamed up with one of the biggest passenger vehicles in
the country, RamTrucks Australia. The team then kitted out the Supertourer with a four inch lift, a long range fuel tank, an imported USA
suspension kit, automatic retracting side steps, a row of HID driving lights and much more.

The most significant modification was the new PCOR (Patriot Campers Off Road) tray, designed and fabricated in record time by the Team at Patriot Campers and Express Metal Productions. This tray was the first in a line of new PCOR trays designed and manufactured by Patriot Campers.

The first prototype of a PCOR tray was built for Patriot’s Megatourer, but these have become a fully realised tray that can be fitted onto your standard, everyday dual cab ute. The designs behind these trays are heavily influenced by Justin, who always gives the final sign off when it comes to new
designs. The trays themselves come with a large water tank, central locking, a twin pump air compressor, an allowance for factory parking sensors and reverse camera and fuel/water fillers in the headboard.

You can watch the new SUPERAM, fitted with a PCOR tray in Season 2 of Patriot Games, where the Patriot Campers crew test the truck in one of the most remote places in Australia…but more importantly, you can see it up close and personal at the 2018 Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show!

Follow Patriot Cameprs on their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYKEOhqqsuj5q0_zDORv2Yw