Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

It’s not a caravan and it’s not a motorhome…introducing the Earthcruiser!

If you’re an experienced traveller, or even just starting out, this new product will get you excited!

Introducing to the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show – the 4WD Euro 6 Iveco Daily Expedition Earthcruiser. It’s not a caravan and it’s not a motorhome. It’s simply an Earthcruiser!

Designed for on-road cruising, offroad camping or no road adventures, this is the only vehicle you’ll need when you’re heading out to explore.

The Euro 6 Iveco Daily Expedition Earthcruiser is an awesome touring 4×4 that’s made right here in Australia. It has a 3.6m camper and is packed with so many features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived with out it!

Take a quick tour!

Options for the Earthcruiser include:

  • Forward Facing Rear Seats
  • Large Out-door Screened Shower
  • Wider Open Walk-through
  • Integrated High Pressure Water Blaster
  • Lithium Batteries
  • EarthAir – Rear Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Sky-Beds, Sleeps 5
  • All New Control Console
  • Heated Tanks, Batteries, Pumps and Water Lines
  • 4-Way Airbag System
  • Integrated Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)
  • 800Watts of Solar
  • Surround 24hr – 30 Day Video Recording
  • Fitted Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Chainsaw and Axe Equipped
  • 240 Volt Outside BBQ
  • Kitchen Caddy with Light
  • 300 Litres of Water
  • 350 Litres of Fuel

You can check out the Euro 6 Iveco Daily Expedition Earthcruiser at the 2018 Perth 4WD and Adventure Show, or find out more at www.earthcruiser.net.au

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