Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

Ultraskiff – The Worlds #1 Portable Round Boat

The Ultraskiff 360 is the world’s first portable design round boat!

Penrith Marine are pleased to be bringing the Ultraskiff to the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show in 2017 Small, lightweight and durable, the Ultraskiff is ideal for fishing – or just for a different and fun way of boating!

The Ultraskiff has so many benefits – its comfortable, stable, versatile, easily transportable, and makes a great little fishing boat.

The Ultraskiff is American designed. The inventor was a kayak and pond boat fisherman who wanted to create something that was portable and low maintenance, the same as a kayak or mall boat. Something that could be launched without a trailer, stored indoors or out, and which did not come with the “boat ownership” responsibilities and costs. The goal was to take the experience and “fishability” you get when on the deck of a larger boat, and combining that with elements that attract small boat owners.

And so the Ultraskiff was created!

Its round design features an incline on the deck that positions your feet for optimum balance control, so that when you’re leaning over, fighting with a fish, or even while getting in and out, you’re not going to capsize. Stability is enhanced by the gradient outer perimeter that slides pressure and weight towards the centre of the watercraft. The surrounding ergonomic surface gives your feet something to rest on and apply outward pressure against while sitting or standing by always ensuring your toes are at a higher elevation than your heels.

It is transportable – simply roll it like a wheel, sliding it on its side bumper or using a standard hand truck. The Ultra skiff 360 is perfect for everyone from recreational boaters to serious anglers.

The Ultraskiff can be yours for around $4,000 from Penrith Marine. They will be displaying the Ultraskiff – plus other new boats – at the 4WD and Adventure Show this year, so make sure you check them out!