Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

West Aussie Bob Cooper is saving lives in the bush!

4WD Show favourite Bob Cooper has made headlines this year with his latest offering in outback survival – a pocket-sized, ultra-light survival blanket with the word “HELP” emblazoned across it to help stranded travellers signal their need to be rescued.

It’s simple, but effective, and Bob is certain these can help save lives. Bob said he has seen many unfortunate scenarios over the years where people die or nearly die in remote areas because they don’t have an adequate way to signal for help

“Having the right equipment when you’re out bushwalking, four-wheel driving, camping and the like is crucial,” Bob said.

“When you’re lost in the outback with little water and food in searing heat – and no mobile phone reception – you have to get your message out that you need to be rescued ASAP.”

As well as signalling the need for help, the blanket offers warmth and shelter and is strong enough to be used as a stretcher.

It also has written on it a range of survival information including advice on water consumption, direction-finding using the sun, stars and moon and first aid instructions and diagrams as well as emergency contact information.

The blanket is also an ideal distress signal for use in flooding, boating or bushfire situations, and at a retail price of just $19.99, why wouldn’t you get one to keep in your vehicle.


If you’ve never met Bob Cooper before, make sure you’re at the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show this year to have a chat.

Bob is one of Australia’s leading survival instructors and has all the info you could ever need before you head off travelling in the Australian outback. He will be on the Engel Bush Camp Stage and the Fourby Forum stage, sharing his knowledge on outback survival.

Check the website for Stage Times closer to the Show.