Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

4WD recovery demos with Eureka

Mark Haffenden from Eureka 4WD Training knows a thing or two about 4WDriving.

Eureka 4WD Training offers lessons ranging from Introductory 4WDriving through to Nationally Accredited Courses, and Mark is just one of the Certified and Experienced 4WD Instructors.

Mark has been a valuable part of the 4WD and Adventure Show for many years, and this year is no different; with Mark presenting his tips and demonstrations for 4WD Recovery.

“At Eureka 4WD Training we are often dealing with not only new-comers to the 4WD scene but also those new to Australia who simply grossly underestimate the vastness of the Australian outback,” Mark said.

“A very big part of our training is making sure participants have a sound knowledge of how their 4WD works, as well as techniques and “dos and don’ts” when it comes to safety.”

Mark said his focus of talks this year was one 4WD Safety, particularly with more and more people heading outback without a good understanding of safe 4WD practices.

“Vehicle recovery can be a high risk activity. The risk can be reduced with some prior training, planning and preparation, and a disciplined approach to the recovery task,” Mark said.

The Eureka team will be demonstrating the safe use of a 2 Snatch Strap twice a day out on the 4WD Test Track.”

“Using a snatch strap seems to be one of the most simple recovery techniques, but in fact can go terribly wrong. For those who own a snatch strap but have never actually used one, here’s your chance to check it out in action,” Mark said.

“We will also be demonstrating safe techniques for using an electric winch.”

“Whenever you operate a winch, you want to understand the equipment and have the best understanding possible of winching techniques in order to be as safe as possible,” Mark said.

“We will have one of our vehicles set up ready to use an Exhaust Jack and a High Lift Jack; so if anyone wants to be shown the proper and safe way to use these products, just come to the stand between 10am and 4 pm and we will demonstrate them for you.”

Mark said at the Eureka 4WD Training stand, people could find out about training courses, but also get unbiased advice on 4WD recovery products, how well they work and how to use them.

Make sure you head to the 4WD Test Track each day to watch the 4WD Recovery Demos.