Australian 4WD and Adventure Show

Fishing, Football and 4WDriving with Mark LeCras!

He’s a legend on the field, but what does Mark LeCras get up to when he’s not playing footy?

4WDriving, camping and fishing with his family, that’s what!

Mark is West Australian born and bred, hailing from Cervantes; meaning he’s grown up with a fishing rod in his hand! You may have seen Mark presenting on Channel 9’s Fish Watch segment each week in the news, which is aimed at giving West Aussies the most up to date information on what’s biting and where. Mark has plenty of stories to share when it comes to fishing, and he will be one of the Show’s special guests; joining Karl Langdon to talk fishing on the Engel Aquatank Fishing Stage.

Aside from fishing and football, Mark is also a keen 4WDriver, and even though he’s the first to admit it still needs more extras, Mark is pretty proud of his rig.

Check out the video below of what Mark LeCras drives, and make sure you catch up with him at this year’s 4WD and Adventure Show!